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10 reasons to visit madeira


Madeira is an exciting city with many attractions, sights and activities. With so much to do and see,  it's hard to narrow down the long list, but below you will find our top 10 to visit Madeira.






1. Hike along a levada

Levadas are a network of small irrigation canals that direct the water from the northern springs to the southern side of the island. The water is used for irrigation and hydro-electric purposes. As you walk along you’ll also come across the most breathtaking scenery at the heart of the island. 

2. Visit one of the amazing green spaces/parks

Madeira is filled with loads of scenic beauty. There are parks, forests and green open spaces everywhere. The forest of Laurissilva is a heritage in his regard. It is a humid subtropical forest covering almost 15,000 hectares in area and declared a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. The forest is a habitat to some unique fauna and flora which are endemic to solely this region only. You can walk through this forest by strolling through the paths and levadas.

3. Accommodation

The range of accommodation in Madeira is quite diverse. There’s accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes in Madeira. You will find from traditional manors called Quintas , bed and breakfasts to 5-star hotels where you will enjoy the comfort and personalized service.

4. There’s always something going on

All year round Madeira offers all kind of festivities where people fill up the streets and the city becomes colorful.  The main events are Carnival, the Flower festival, Atlantic festival, Christmas and New Years festivities.

5. Perfect weather throughout the year

Madeira is in a subtropical region thus the climate is perfect all round the year for vacationing. The temperature maintains at about a mild 20C all over the year. The rainy season lasts from October-March with rainfall varying in different parts of the islands.

6. Top attractions

You can’t fail to be excited by Madeira’s amazing attractions and activities su as museums, levada walks, swimming with dolphins, and much more.  

7. Food & Drink

The food here is amazing. There are many traditional dishes that you must try in your visit to Madeira Island. The bolo do caco is an example, which is served with typical wheat flour bread, with garlic butter and parsley. Other dishes include milho,  espetada, sword fish amongst other regional dishes.  Don’t forget to try the traditional alcoholic drink Poncha, distilled alcohol made from sugar cane juice, honey, sugar, lemon rind and with different fruit juices according to the version of Poncha, but traditionally lemon juice is used.

8. Unique landscapes 

There are many plenty of landscapes on the island that will take your breath away like the levadas, the forest of Laurissilva,  Cabo Girao, Ponta to Pargo, Porto Santo beach and many more.

9. History

Discover the rich history that Madeira has to offer. Discovered in 1419 by Portuguese navigators the island was colonized in 1425. During this colonization the levadas were built. After that farming started and sugar cane was produced. Soon it made it into trade routes and became a supplier of sugar to all Europe. In the proceeding centuries Madeira became an important centre of wine production. Early in the 20th century it started to develop as a top tourist destination in Portugal.

10. Island Hoping

Known, as the “Golden Island” Porto Santo is less than 3 hours away by ferry. In this beautiful island you will a 9 kilometer beach made of fine golden sand, together with a crystal-clear sea which was voted as one of the “7 Wonder – Beaches of Portugal”.