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Madeira Theme park


Discover, play and learn about Madeira's History.

Enjoy a great day out with the family at the Madeira Theme Park, located in Santana, where you will learn about     Madeira's history, science and traditions. 

The park has many attractions and activities, however the main ones are the four multimedia pavilions “Discovery of the Islands”, “Fantastic Voyage in Madeira”, “A World of Islands” and “Future of the earth”.  In the park you will also find a natural auditorium, playground for kids, gardens, lake and a labyrinth. 

Experience Madeira in a completely different way at the Madeira Theme Park and learn something about Madeira's traditions and culture whilst having fun.





Prices:  Adults: €10

Children: €8 (from 5 - 12 years old)



Address:  Estrada Regional 101 Fonte da Pedra   
                 9230-116 Santana 

Telephone: (+351) 291 570 410