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Top 10 Madeiran Flowers


Let the colours and smells of the flower fields of Madeira overwhelm you. The Madeiran flowers are world famous and here is our top 10 Madeiran flowers.    

These South African plants, similar to giant artichokes, are in demand for flower displays.

Fleshy leaves edged with spines produce flower spikes up to 1 meter high.

Angel's Trumpet
White, yellow or amber the datura's long trumpets both smell and look beautiful.

Funchal's Avenida Arriaga turns into a river of blue when these striking Brazilian trees flower in spring

Slipper Orchid
Mainly flowering in the winter months, slipper orchids need jungle-like shade.

The blue-and-white globe shaped blossoms of the Lily of the Nile line Madeira's roadside banks in the summer.

Arum Lily
Pure white and sweetly scented, these flowers symbolize the Virgin Mary and virginity.

Mexican Poinsettia
These festive plants bloom right on cue for Christmas; note that the showy scarlet part is actually the bract.

Is it a bird or is it a plant? These long-lived flowers look like exotic birds of paradise.

Flame of the Forest
These trees are descended from seed brought to Madeira by Captain Cook in 1772.